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Halcyon Series


Lately I’ve been looking for a way to stretch myself creatively, and so today I’m launching a new project called the Halcyon Series.  

The Halcyon Series will consist of occasional one-off pieces made with rare, weird, or scarce materials that can’t be made into “stock” items.  It’ll also be a place for me to work with techniques and styles that are either outside of my normal comfort zone, or can’t be reproduced in larger quantities.  Each piece will be hand numbered and stamped with a special Halcyon Series stamp.  

The first entry is this here Westbound mid-length wallet, made entirely from natural undyed shell cordovan, inside and out.  It’s also paired with a cowhide cord rein, finished with solid brass hardware, and hand stitched throughout:



Have a look.

Also in stock today, Bindle Bags, round two!  This time in a nice Japanese indigo wabash canvas.  Check ‘em out.

Big restock is allllmost ready, tomorrow I think.

Maybe there should be a Hollows Leather brick and mortar shop…


I was hoping to get a restock live this week, but it’s looking like I’ll have to push it back a few days. Good stuff coming. Sorry to those that have been waiting.

It was fun to work on something that departs so far from my own style.  I like to think I did a decent job, but don’t expect a lot of totes in the future.

Something special in the works.

(still) Wanted. If you spot one, get in touch.

(Source: hollowtronix)

I’ve just recently returned from Denimbruin 2014 in San Francisco, and I’ve brought some goodies home.

There’s really just too much to list.  There’s midlength wallets, card cases, Field Notes covers, new keychain and bracelet styles and lots more.  Check it all out over at the web store.

I don’t have a lot of strict rules for this whole leathercraft business thing, but one is that if i find a better way to do something, that’s the way I do it from now on.  Recently I found a source of higher quality round leather cord, so the old stuff has to move along.  It’s a move from good to great, the old stuff still gets the job done, but everything in stock that uses the old cord is deeply discounted until it’s all gone.  That means triple wrap bracelets, key reins, wallet reins, and shackle keychains.

In order to offset the increased cost of the new cord, the hook bracelets will be going from triple to double wrap rather than increasing in price, so if you want a triple, now is the ideal time.

A huge thanks to everyone who came out to Standard & Strange on Sunday, I had a great time meeting people and hanging out in the alley.


Nick Hollows, Hollows Leather at Denim Bruin 2014

What a handsome fella, thanks for the photo, Gerald.